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Prince RIP

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BBBC report Prince of Saudi Arabia, which killed one of his aides Video

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Gay Saudi Prince Murders Black Lover

BBC report Prince of Saudi Arabia, which killed one of his aides Video

It is reported that Saudi Prince Saud bin Abdul Aziz Bin Nasser Al-Saud, has approved before a British court of causing death of Abdul Aziz al-Bandar assistant, but he denied two charges of murder and causing grievous bodily harm on the victim deliberately and monitors.
However, Jonathan Laidlaw, which is Britain’s attorney general in the case, confirmed to the Court, “Old Bailey” in London on Tuesday that Prince Saudi “confessed to killing assistant.”
Laidlaw said it is incumbent upon the jury to decide therefore whether Prince Saud was guilty of murder, or manslaughter.

The Court offered a recording from a camera in the hotel attack appears to help the Saudi Crown Prince beat him severely in the earlier death.
Beating and strangling
He would have been found dead after being beaten and strangled in the bed in the room that was involved with Prince Saud at the hotel said, adding that the defendant “was killed in an assault that was affiliated to help on the element of sex.”
The evidence proved conclusively that he is either gay (homosexual) or has gay tendencies
Jonathan Laidlaw, British Attorney General
Laidlaw said that the recordings of closed circuit Alteloveseznep in the Landmark Hotel since the twenty-second of the month of January last showed that the victim had been assaulted in the past to really mischievous “by Prince Saud.
Laidlaw said: “The evidence proved conclusively that he is either gay (homosexual) or has gay tendencies.”
He said: “It is clear that the exploitation of the Bandar was not simply limited to physical beatings.”
“Sexual element”
He concluded by saying: “Hiding the defendant to the sexual exploitation of the victim was a whole, for reasons more Cranip, as it tends to believe that he was there sexual factor in the circumstances surrounding the murder.”

Prosecutors had asked the court to decide whether Prince Saud was guilty of premeditated murder or error.
The court had learned that the victim was killed “while he was in the room” was co-residence with the defendant, as they were alone together. ”
But Prince has denied any suggestion that he had any sexual orientation, saying that he treated his assistant as a “friend and on an equal footing” with himself.
It is noteworthy that Prince Saud bin Abdullah, aged 34 years, subject to trial in Britain on charges of murder, torture, assistant Bandar Abdul Aziz, 32, who was found dead, strangled in a hotel room Landmark luxury in the neighborhood of Marylebone in central London on the fifteenth of the month of February last.

A series of attacks
The court was told that Prince Saud bin Nasser Al-Saud had assaulted the victim several times before he died.
It is clear that the exploitation of the Bandar was not simply limited to physical beatings
Jonathan Laidlaw, British Attorney General
When found the body of Abdel Aziz al-Bandar in the hotel in question, Prince Saud argued that the victim had been attacked and robbed three weeks before his death.
According to the indictment that Prince Saud “is carried out the killing,” and that the numerous injuries that were found on the victim’s body, including the bite on the face, showed clearly “savage attack which had been presented to him.”
Bodily harm
The Prince Saud had previously denied the charges before the court made by the British police of killing his assistant and serious physical harm in the month of January last.
The autopsy concluded that Bender died of strangulation and injuries suffered by her in the head.