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Prince RIP

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Funny attitude,Lady at the petrol station

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4 wise monkeys

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The Original, three wise monkeys can be traced back into 17th century carvings found in Japan.  They represent – See no evil (Mizaru), Hear no evil (Kikazaru) and Say no evil (Iwazaru). Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of Indian Independence movement, also had a small statue of these three monkeys and now we find its use in many places across the world.

In my view, the “evil” word must have been explicitly added later on, as the original Japanese version – “Mizaru, Kikazaru & Iwazaru”, literally means – Don’t See, Don’t Hear & Don’t Speak. See, Hear and Say are the three ways we interface with our outside world. They are also the sources for our Paradigms. As a child, we are always told – “Look at that”, “Look at him”, “Listen to me”, “Speak properly”. And we are forced to live outside-in. By the time we grow up, we have already been programed to take in everything that we see on the TV, that what we hear on the Radio and then we go and talk about it to everyone that we know. As these become our predominant thoughts, we get similar experiences in our life.

The significance of the 3 monkeys is basically  to convey the message – “Do not live outside-in”. The 5 physical senses – see, smell, hear, taste and touch are basically to give us (the spiritual beings) the physical experience and not the other way round.

Similar to the three monkeys, that represent – see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil; the fourth monkey represents – Think no evil.

Thinking is a function of mind. And Mind is merely a tool that we (the spiritual beings) should use only when required. Unfortunately, our mind is working all the time, even without we knowing about it. It is generating thoughts based on what we see or hear and it makes us speak on the same topics. All these 4 monkeys that live within each one of us, just compel us to believe in the outside world more than the inner power that we posses.

Realise that we are spiritual beings and we have a body and we have a mind. We are here to experience the physical world and our mind is a tool that we can use to generate the experience we want. On such realisation, all the monkeys will remove their hands and see the beauty, hear the music and sing songs – and life would be wonderful as it should be.

The Four Wise Monkeys

The four monkeys of right behaviour are depicted here in this traditional mantle piece. The monkeys depict from left to right;

  • Right Action
  • Right Sight
  • Right Hearing
  • Right Speech

The 3 monkeys to the right together embody the proverbial principle to;

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

When we look at the origins of the 4 wise monkeys, they originate from 17th century Japan. Each of the monkeys have names. They are (from left to right);

  • Shizaru
  • Mizaru
  • Kikazaru
  • Iwazaru


Top 10 Movies that Make Men Cry

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These are the movies I have deemed acceptable for men to cry during. No other movies shall produce tears out of the eyes of males. Other movies may bring tears to a man’s eye, but not out of it. So it is written…

Also, “Up” isn’t on this list, but it should be, maybe I’ll add an 11th slot later.

“Have you ever seen a one trick pony in the field so happy and free?”

10. The Wrestler


That quote up there is actually from the song Bruce Springsteen wrote for this movie. Now I am willing to defend this choice to the death. This was a beautiful film and Darren Aronofsky’s choice to shoot it mostly handheld was genius. It’s so intimate and the audience gets to see every bad decision Mickey Rourke’s character ever made over his lifetime all displayed on his face. I’ve heard of some people who didn’t like the ending because it was left open. It’s called an ‘ambiguous ending’ and they are my favourite kind of ending. Because we all know that life doesn’t just end with a fade out. There will always be something left unsaid. Something for someone else to figure out. It’s a metaphor, read a fucking book, they’re full of them.

MOMENTS WHEN THE TEARS COME: When Randy the Ram (Rourke) has one wonderful day with his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) on the abandoned boardwalk and he basically throws himself at her mercy saying that all he wants is for her not to hate him. Even though they both know that is almost impossible. Also when he is having a heart attack and jumps off the screen at the very end of the movie and the Boss’ award winning song closes the film brilliantly. Then tears.


“Someday we might look back on this and decide that saving Private Ryan was the one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful, shitty mess.”

9. Saving Private Ryan

This movie is fantastic. A brilliant depiction of war as hell on Earth, it is presented so honestly and with only the slightest traces of sentimentality. But what I love most about this movie is that, beyond the American flag waving at the beginning and the end, there is no posturing and advertising for the AMERICAN MILITARY. A true classic by a true master, Steven Spielberg. Who, coincidentally, has two movies on this list.

MOMENTS WHEN THE TEARS COME: When Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks) is dying on the bridge at the very end and he says to Private Ryan (Matt Damon), “earn this.” Simple, almost inaudible, but it gets me every time.

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom

8. Braveheart

Remember Mel Gibson? He was that awesome action hero from the Lethal Weapon and Mad Max movies? Well before he turned anti-semite he made this film and showed real promise of becoming a great director someday. This movie is a brutal and simple story that has it’s roots in the most basic elements of classic Hollywood epics: love, revenge, loyalty, betrayal and patriotism. It also boasts an amazingly tear-jerking score and great cinematography of the Scottish Highlands as well as some perfectly orchestrated medieval battle sequences. This is how I like to remember Mel.

MOMENTS WHEN THE TEARS COME: This movie is actually paced really well so that when there is a terrible scene of gut wrenching emotion the audience is almost immediately rescued from tears by visceral violence or some ridiculous humour. An example that immediately comes to mind is when William Wallace’s wife, Murron, is killed, the audience isn’t even given a minute to soak it in before Wallace trudges into town on his horse and starts wrecking everyone’s shit. But when Wallace is being tortured at the very end and yells out “FREEEEEEDOM!” for the whole country to hear, there’s no coming back. Tears.

If you build it, he will come”

7. Field of Dreams

I’m a guy who enjoys a little cheesy nostalgia every once in a while and this film is full of it. From the highly unlikely premise to the very hokey ending that could almost be attributed to Deus Ex Machina, I love it all. The beautiful images of Iowa almost make me want to live in the heartland of America.

Kevin Costner has never been considered a ‘great actor’ but in this film he plays the part of Ray Kinsella pitch-perfectly, a down on his luck farmer on a mission to bring the spirit of baseball back to life. This film makes the most boring game in the universe seem interesting and full of whimsical romance and for that feat alone it should be praised.

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: Almost at the very end of the movie, Kevin Costner’s character notices a man on the White Sox team playing on his ballpark. The man is his father. After the game Costner approaches the man and he tells him he is his son. Then they have a catch together, something neither of them had done with each other while Costner was young. Nostalgia tears.

“E.T. phone home”

6. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

This explanation will be brief. Everyone knows about the story of the little alien and his otherworldly connection with the boy named Elliot. I must confess that I only saw this movie once when I was seven or eight and I was balling from the first fifteen minutes to the closing credits. I couldn’t exactly say what set it all off, but I do remember it being a painfully emotional experience, one I never wanted to revisit. So I didn’t. But I probably will soon.

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: The whole freaking thing apparently.

“I find I’m so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.”

5. The Shawshank Redemption

Do I really even need to justify this one? If you don’t get choked up by the time the credits role then you need to seek out the help of a therapist and discuss your deep seeded emotional problems. Seriously.

MOMENTS WHEN THE TEARS COME: Lots of times. When Brooks hangs himself in his apartment; When Tommy gets shot by the Guard Captain; When Andy Dufresne escapes from Shawshank and feels the cold cleansing rain on his face as a free man for the first time in twenty years; When Red meets Andy on the beach in Mexico and they exchange a wordless embrace as the credits begin to roll. Tears.

“Go on, go on and be perfect”

4. Friday Night Lights


Wow this movie is great. The mostly true story of the Odessa, Texas Permian Panthers football team and their 1988 seasonIt is my personal favourite sports movie of all time for many reasons: First and foremost being its unique look, mainly shot on hand held HD cameras that gives each moment of sense of urgency and makes the audience feel like voyeurs looking in on this incredible part of American culture, also the digital gloss of each frame gives the football games themselves a extremely beautiful look and feel. Second is the absolutely illuminating score by one of my favourite bands: Explosions in the Sky. Each original composition is instrumental, yet the songs say more in the notes than most tracks with lyrics. Each song is strikingly beautiful. Thirdly is an all around wonderful ensemble cast, all of whom give convincing and sometimes heartbreaking performances.

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: When the final buzzer of the championship game sounds and the Panthers come one yard short of the winning touchdown. Then Fullback Don Billingsley’s father (Tim McGraw) confronts his son on the field and gives him his own championship ring. They hug. Just watch the movie. Trust me.

“Come with me if you want to live…”

3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Ok, I don’t think many people would expect this one but hear me out. Terminator 2 is one of those rare sequels that is not only better than its predecessor, but also makes the first one suck in comparison. I believe it shares the title of Best Action Film Ever with Die Hard. That’s how much I love this movie. From the mind-blowing special effects to the jaw-dropping action sequences this film has it all. But underneath all the spectacle and budget there is a very basic story of learning what it means to be human. This film also boasts a truly great performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger (that’s something I never thought I’d write, but it’s true, this is the part he was born to play).

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: I’ve talked a lot about this film’s merits as an action vehicle, but when The Terminator discovers what it is to be human, and that it is something that he can never be, he decides to sacrifice himself to save the human race (pictured above). When he gives John Connor the thumbs up as he is engulfed in lava…tears.

“It’s not your fault”

2. Good Will Hunting

A fascinating script, a remarkable cast and some really outstanding direction make this one of the better movies I’ve ever seen. Each interaction that goes on between Robin Williams and Matt Damon is an example of incredible acting. I can’t really say much more. I just love this movie.

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: When Sean (Williams) and Will (Damon) are finishing their last session of therapy together and Sean finally makes a breakthrough with Will as he calmly yet effectively tells him that all the abandonment and hardship he’s suffered isn’t his fault. It’s a simple yet beautiful scene. Tears.

“I have been and always shall be your friend.”

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn


I know! I know! It’s a Star Trek movie. Put down your torches I mean no harm. This film may fall within the realm of the geek and the fanboy but what most people may dismiss as cartoonish sci-fi, others, like myself, recognize as a wonderful story of friendship and sacrifice. This film rightfully belongs in the pantheon of great Science Fiction adventures. Made on a shoestring budget after the colossal failure that was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Wrath of Kahn proved that less is more. A fast paced and simple story that would set the tone for the every other Trek film to follow (except for the new one, which is still fucking awesome).

MOMENT WHEN THE TEARS COME: When Spock makes the ultimate sacrifice and saves the Enterprise from certain doom. Sure it might be really cheesy, but it’s Star Trek, take it with an enormous helping of salt.


Royals take action over 200 nude Kate Middleton pics

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Royals take action over 200 nude Kate Middleton pics
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate will later today launch separate legal cases seeking prosecution of a photographer who took images of her topless and an injunction against further publishing of those images by media across Europe.
A spokeswoman for St James Palace confirmed the royal couple had extended their case from just prosecuting the French magazine Closer which published the photographs, to a criminal case against the photographer themselves.
The couple was photographed via long lens from more than a kilometre away while privately holidaying in the south of France, in an act they have described as a grotesque breach of privacy. Kate was snapped topless by the pool and putting sun tan lotion on the second-in-line to the thrones back.
“We can confirm that a criminal complaint is to be made to the French prosecution department”, a place spokeswoman said.
In bad news for the future of the Irish Daily Star, both its owners criticized it for publishing the Kate photos.
The Palace is yet to initiate action against the Irish newspaper.
British company Northern and Shell, which co-owns the tabloid with Ireland’s Independent News and Media, or INM, said it was “profoundly dismayed” the Dublin newspaper had run the pictures. Its chief, Richard Desmond, said he planned to pull out of the joint venture that runs the tabloid.
Independent News and Media chief executive Joe Webb offered his “deepest apologies,” and said the company would be “launching an internal inquiry to ensure there will never be a repeat of this breach of decency.” But Webb said in a statement he hopes to preserve the Irish Daily Star and its 70 employees.
The case against the photographer is in addition to civil proceedings against the Closer magazine and both are expected to be heard in public although the royal couple, currently touring the South Pacific, will be represented by barristers and will not have to appear. The French prosecutors then decide whether there is a case to be heard before it proceeds to the next stage.
As well as those two cases, the palace is seeking an injunction at a court hearing in the Paris suburb of Nanterre against further distribution of the images, said to number at least 200.
The move came as Marina Berlusconi, daughter of disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who Italian magazine Chi threatening to publish 26 pages of photographs of the royal couple, claimed her father’s magazines were “just doing their job”.
The French Closer and the Italian mag Chi is published by Mondadori.
Company chairwoman Mrs Berlusconi said: “Mondadori, of which I am chairwoman, is a publishing house that uses in the best way possible this freedom and this independence that shareholders have always recognised. On this occasion as in others, Mondadori has confined itself to doing its job,” she wrote.
In a statement Mondadori also stated the editors of both titles decided to publish the photos because their content is a clear expression of the news, they depict a true event, and they do not undermine the people photographed.
Chi is expected to publish 50 images today in Italy.
The Dublin-based Irish Daily Star also published the images in an inside spread but no action is yet being taken against them.
Meanwhile, William and Kate happily posed for photographs at a state banquet staged in their honour in the Solomon Islands on a tour representing the Queen in this her Diamond Jubilee year.
“As you asked so nicely, of course,” William said tongue-in-cheek to photographers who asked to take their photograph.
A royal source said the legal actions had given the couple some closure

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrives with her husband Britain’s Prince William at the airport in Honiara. Picture: William West
The source said the couple was keeping its options open in terms of legal action against Chi and the Daily Star and any other European magazines threatening to publish the topless images.
“It’s limited by time and resource, but if there is a proportionate response we can find, we will do, but our focus remains on dealing with the paparazzo if we can identify him or her and the civil action we have already brought against Closer, the source was quoted by British media as saying.
It could be up to two years before the actual hearing into the couple’s case is fully heard but in the interim the couple want the courts to block further images being published. It may be mute as the images have already gone viral.
The possibility of the royal couple having to give evidence at some stage is remote as their legal counsel believed they had a very strong case.
“Our understanding is, such circumstances are very rare and we will consider that if it crosses our bridge, at the moment the case is open and shut, the source said.
It is a clear breach of privacy and that will be very easy to prove with statements from our legal counsel so we don’t anticipate that either of their royal highnesses will have to give evidence. No defence has been offered, it was shot from a considerable distance into private property and that is against French law.


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In China , statistics show that girls have a tendency to cheat during exams.

To stop the trend, Chinese school authorities finally devised a new method
to stop this incessant practice.

Modern Values

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the mentality of indifference? ? ?
These are very thought provoking thoughts.
Modern Values

One couldn’t give a piece of bread to the child in the picture above…………
But this painting where he looks sad was sold for $10,000.00


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By Lucie Atang

At The SCOAN, during the Live Candlelight Service, New Year’s Eve, the 31st December 2011, Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the congregation, the nation of Nigeria and the world at large with a message concerning the new year, 2012.

“Let me just address my people, Nigeria. The present situation we are in – there is no war between Christians and Muslims. I mean, there is no war between you and your neighbour. I mean, there is no war among neighbours. This is a parable to you. There is no war. The idea of bombing and burning churches is to cause disagreement and conflict between you and your neighbour, to break the commandment and rule which says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The idea of burning churches is to cause disagreement and conflict between you and your neighbour, to break the commandment which says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we are not armed for battle, we would fight the wrong battle. Strikes against your neighbour, strikes against your people – this is the wrong battle. Tell the world. I know the whole world is watching. Listen, our situation in Nigeria – there is no war between Christians and Muslims. The idea of burning churches is to cause conflict among neighbours, to break the commandment which says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. And once the commandment is broken, you are against God. So, there is no war. Love your neighbour. We pray for those who are affected and their people so that God would strengthen them to bear the loss. My message to all: God at all times is assembling for Himself a generation of Spiritual worshippers. Because God is a Spirit, Christ came to declare God to us.

The burning and bombing that is happening, by January, February, March, everybody will forget about this. But economic depression will take over. Economic depression. You should not think about the bombing again; think about economic depression. Our government too should not because of bombing here and there, vote a huge amount of money from their budget to security. They should vote 50 percent of the budget to agriculture. Whatever bombing will fade away by the beginning of this year. It’s not something to bother about. To overcome this situation, everyone should come together, both security and every citizen. It is not the issue of security alone. Everything that is happening now, I don’t see it anymore on the board. It is just the beginning of this year and everything is over. But think about economic depression. You are a man of faith, a woman of faith. Trials are the soil in which faith flourishes. I’m just telling you what I’m seeing on the board. This will affect the whole world. Economic depression. The currency will be affected. The year of comeback. A comeback is a return to a place of significance, a place that was lost for a period of time. For a period of time, you referred to the Spirit. We often say, “The Spirit of God says this; the Spirit of God says that”, whereas the Spirit of God is not talking to you. Referring to the Spirit and design in the letter – such worship and worshippers will face challenges this new year.”

Duo Maintenant

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Duo Maintenant
Absolutely Fantastic

Give Peace a Chance – The Beatles – 1969

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Give Peace a Chance – The Beatles – 1969