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  1. my name is keith, Donald Keith Hills, and I would just like to say this that when is comes to physical health and emotional wellness and spiritual life there is a better way and there are better ways by far if some of us will stop and think our troubles through and choose what is right and then if and when we grow wiser we choose what is righteous.

    You may not know what I am talking about and that is fine because we need to chat and learn to communicate with each other and that is a process that can be successfully navigated if we both are willing to give and willing to forgive as we navigate the speed bumps and iron out the wrinkles.

    If you are with me this far, then that is an excellent start and there is hope for sunny days ahead and better times and even perfect days and perfect nights!

    The first five (5) years of a child’s life can be better!

    The growing up years and adult years can be better by far!

    Senior years and the Elder years can be so much better if seniors and elders will just keep an open mind and get involved in living a better physical and emotional life and choose to seek and search for the real spiritual life.

    My current blog is

    I have a new project ready to launch.

    come join me as I work hard and as I play every day.

    Today is World Osteoporosis Day and the IOF is offering a special 24 page download to help promote healthy bones and strong muscles. Check it out if you are interested! I’m using a strange computer and do not have the hyperlink available for which I am sorry.

    I have a Canon FS400 camcorder. I’m hoping to produce meaningful slices of life video clips and I’m hoping to involve many adults, seniors and elders. I see our life problems as challenges and opportunities!! and a triple blessing!!! Just imagine a Giant Jig saw puzzle and while many people understand some of the pieces, no one has all of the answers. We have to choose to work together say in community and each willingly contributes the talents God has given them. . . . . . more to say later! ….. bye for today!

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