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Very classic stories

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Very classic stories

The first one story, “worldly reincarnation”

There was once a scholar, and his fiancee made ​​an appointment at a certain period of a day to get married. On that day, his fiancee has married someone else. Scholar by this blow, terminal one. Then, passing a wandering monk, from the arms of a mirror called a scholar to work out to see. Scholar to see the ocean, a murdered woman lying naked on the beach. Passing one, looking at it, shook his head and walked away. Passing one another, the clothes off, to cover the body of a woman, go. Passing one another, in the past, Wage Keng, carefully buried the body. Monk explained that body of a woman on the beach, is your fiancee’s past life. You are passing the second man, gave him a piece of clothing. She fell in love with your life, just to give you a feeling. But she will eventually have to repay the whole life of the people, that is the last person buried her, that person is that he is now her husband. Scholar Dawu, recovered.

The first two stories, “a child’s heart.”

There are a single woman had just moved house, she lived next door found a poor family, a widow with two children. One night, that area suddenly stopped electricity, the young woman had himself lit a candle. Not for a while, suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. The original is next door neighbor’s child, I saw him nervously: “Auntie, do you have a candle home business?” Woman thought: “They actually poor family to even candles are not you do not borrow them, so that was? They rely on the “So, the children shouted loudly said:!!” no “just when she was ready to shut the door, and that poor kids to start caring smile, said:! ‘I know your family must not have” finished, actually from pregnant and pulled out two candles, said: “Mom and I’m afraid you live and no candles, so I took two to give you” the moment the woman remorse, moved to tears, clasped the young child in his arms.

The first three stories “pure heart.”

There is a small town a long time without rain, so the local crop losses, so we set up the priest, ready to open a church prayer meeting to pray for rain. The crowd a little girl, because too tall, almost no one see her, but she also came to attend the prayer meeting to pray for rain. At this time, the little girl brought the pastor noticed something on the stage excitedly pointing to her: “! Very little sister who touched me,” so we follow the direction of his fingers looked in the past. Pastor went on to say: “We pray to God to pray rain today, but throughout the synagogue, she was the only one today with an umbrella!” We take a closer look, and sure enough, hung up her seat next to a small red umbrella; then everyone quiet for a moment, immediately comes a burst of applause and tears views. Sometimes we have to say: child really is not small, they are actually very “big”! They love great! Their confidence a lot!

The first four stories, “We only inconvenient for three hours.”

Luckily the day with her ​​husband entered into a ticket back to her in-laws, after the car they found a lady sitting on our seats, my husband motioned for me to sit in the first seat next to her, but did not ask the lady gave way. I have a closer look and found her right foot a little inconvenient, it does not understand why her husband asked her to give up the seat. So he always stood from Chiayi to Taipei, from start to finish no Miss Xiang Zhewei indicates that the seat is his, after the car, distressed husband I said to him: “give way is good deeds, but Chiayi to Taipei for so long, they can ask her seat halfway back to you, for you to sit down, “her husband said:” People inconvenient for a lifetime, we will not only facilitate the three-hour “heard her husband say, I am quite impressed with such a kind and good-good husband does not want people to know, so I think the world has become much tenderness. Changing your mind, the world might never be the same, life, everything, has the ability to turn, to see how we think, how turn. We will not succeed in three minutes, but maybe as little as a minute, from a different life.