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The Booster Bag Scam

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The Booster Bag Scam


Royal couple ends visit on eve of Malaysia Day at magical Danum Valley

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Royal couple ends visit on eve of Malaysia Day at magical Danum Valley
LAHAD DATU: On the eve of Malaysia Day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ended their four-day whirlwind visit to the country by taking in the beauty of North Borneo’s tropical rainforest.

They spent their last day in Malaysia observing nature in the primeval jungles of Sabah’s Danum Valley.

The royal couple who wore khaki pants, safari shirts and boots were hoisted 50m above the ground to the treetop level of the forest.

They later walked along a canopy walkway and were treated to the breathtaking sights of the jungle.

They also trekked through some of Danum’s pristine forest during their seven-hour visit to the 438sq km conservation area.

Prince William, a Royal Society fellow, and his wife Catherine Middleton also spent time chatting with 25 Malaysian and British scientists as well as Oxford University students carrying out a variety of environmental research projects in Danum.
Fit for a prince: The Duke and Duchess receiving an elaborate welcome at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

The couple arrived in Danum at about 10.15am aboard a Sabah Air helicopter from Kota Kinabalu.

They listened and occasionally posed questions on the Yayasan Sabah and the Royal Society’s South-East Asia Rainforest Research Programme (SEARRP).

The briefing was done by the foundation’s conservation and environmental management division group manager Dr Waidi Sinun and SEARRP director Dr Glen Reynolds.

Also on hand to brief them were Sabah Tourism chairman Datuk Tengku Zainal Adlin Tengku Mansor and Sabah Forestry Department director Datuk Sam Mannan.

Mannan said the couple was particularly interested in Sabah’s forest conservation efforts as well as its iconic wildlife such as the orang utan and proboscis monkeys.

Royals in the jungle: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge admiring the scenery at the Rainforest Research Centre in Danum Valley near Lahad Datu. — Bernama

“They were also keen to know about our restoration work. This visit is a great motivating factor for us,” he said.

Dr Waidi said the royal couple’s visit would bring the Danum Valley and conservation work here to a higher level.

“The Duke of Cambridge did say that his father (Prince Charles) has a soft spot for the rainforest,” he said.

Dr Waidi added that the visit was also a recognition to the joint research efforts by Yayasan Sabah and the Royal Society for nearly two decades.

After a short rest, Prince William and Catherine flew by helicopter to the east coast town of Lahad Datu where they boarded a MasWings flight to Kota Kinabalu.

They are scheduled to leave for the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu today.

Royals take action over 200 nude Kate Middleton pics

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Royals take action over 200 nude Kate Middleton pics
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate will later today launch separate legal cases seeking prosecution of a photographer who took images of her topless and an injunction against further publishing of those images by media across Europe.
A spokeswoman for St James Palace confirmed the royal couple had extended their case from just prosecuting the French magazine Closer which published the photographs, to a criminal case against the photographer themselves.
The couple was photographed via long lens from more than a kilometre away while privately holidaying in the south of France, in an act they have described as a grotesque breach of privacy. Kate was snapped topless by the pool and putting sun tan lotion on the second-in-line to the thrones back.
“We can confirm that a criminal complaint is to be made to the French prosecution department”, a place spokeswoman said.
In bad news for the future of the Irish Daily Star, both its owners criticized it for publishing the Kate photos.
The Palace is yet to initiate action against the Irish newspaper.
British company Northern and Shell, which co-owns the tabloid with Ireland’s Independent News and Media, or INM, said it was “profoundly dismayed” the Dublin newspaper had run the pictures. Its chief, Richard Desmond, said he planned to pull out of the joint venture that runs the tabloid.
Independent News and Media chief executive Joe Webb offered his “deepest apologies,” and said the company would be “launching an internal inquiry to ensure there will never be a repeat of this breach of decency.” But Webb said in a statement he hopes to preserve the Irish Daily Star and its 70 employees.
The case against the photographer is in addition to civil proceedings against the Closer magazine and both are expected to be heard in public although the royal couple, currently touring the South Pacific, will be represented by barristers and will not have to appear. The French prosecutors then decide whether there is a case to be heard before it proceeds to the next stage.
As well as those two cases, the palace is seeking an injunction at a court hearing in the Paris suburb of Nanterre against further distribution of the images, said to number at least 200.
The move came as Marina Berlusconi, daughter of disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who Italian magazine Chi threatening to publish 26 pages of photographs of the royal couple, claimed her father’s magazines were “just doing their job”.
The French Closer and the Italian mag Chi is published by Mondadori.
Company chairwoman Mrs Berlusconi said: “Mondadori, of which I am chairwoman, is a publishing house that uses in the best way possible this freedom and this independence that shareholders have always recognised. On this occasion as in others, Mondadori has confined itself to doing its job,” she wrote.
In a statement Mondadori also stated the editors of both titles decided to publish the photos because their content is a clear expression of the news, they depict a true event, and they do not undermine the people photographed.
Chi is expected to publish 50 images today in Italy.
The Dublin-based Irish Daily Star also published the images in an inside spread but no action is yet being taken against them.
Meanwhile, William and Kate happily posed for photographs at a state banquet staged in their honour in the Solomon Islands on a tour representing the Queen in this her Diamond Jubilee year.
“As you asked so nicely, of course,” William said tongue-in-cheek to photographers who asked to take their photograph.
A royal source said the legal actions had given the couple some closure

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrives with her husband Britain’s Prince William at the airport in Honiara. Picture: William West
The source said the couple was keeping its options open in terms of legal action against Chi and the Daily Star and any other European magazines threatening to publish the topless images.
“It’s limited by time and resource, but if there is a proportionate response we can find, we will do, but our focus remains on dealing with the paparazzo if we can identify him or her and the civil action we have already brought against Closer, the source was quoted by British media as saying.
It could be up to two years before the actual hearing into the couple’s case is fully heard but in the interim the couple want the courts to block further images being published. It may be mute as the images have already gone viral.
The possibility of the royal couple having to give evidence at some stage is remote as their legal counsel believed they had a very strong case.
“Our understanding is, such circumstances are very rare and we will consider that if it crosses our bridge, at the moment the case is open and shut, the source said.
It is a clear breach of privacy and that will be very easy to prove with statements from our legal counsel so we don’t anticipate that either of their royal highnesses will have to give evidence. No defence has been offered, it was shot from a considerable distance into private property and that is against French law.