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The Effects of Gambling

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The Effects of Gambling
Why Cant I Just Stop?
•How did this happen? I cant believe all the trouble I’m in.
•If I stop gambling now, Ill have to admit I’m a total loser. There’s no way I can pay back all the money I owe.
•If I had the money to invest, I’m sure my luck would change. I just need one more win.
•Even if I had another win, I’d probably just lose it again.
•I can’t face this mess alone, but I’m too embarrassed to ask for help.
•I should be able to solve my own problems. How could I be so stupid?
•I never thought it would get this bad.
Do these statements sound familiar? Most people with gambling problems say they lost control over how much time and money they spend gambling. Meanwhile, they ignored other responsibilities. They knew they had problems, but only gambling seemed important.

Many people who gamble excessively have mixed feelings about gambling. They know they are causing problems for the people they love. They may become anxious and unhappy, and often hate themselves. But the urge to gamble seems too great to resist. They feel they cant give up on all the time, money and emotion they have put into gambling. They cant accept that they will never win back what they have lost. Some people still believe their system will pay off, their luck will change or they are due to win. Others believe that continuing to gamble is the only way out of a situation they are ashamed about.

Other people promise to quit, but cant. They fear their loved ones will find them out. This drives them deeper into hiding and further into debt. They keep hoping a big win will end their problems. Once in a while they may win, which keeps their hope alive until the losses mount up again. If they quit now, they will feel like a loser. They will have to face all the problems gambling has caused.

If you are like most people who gamble excessively, you may have tried to cut down or stop many times. It is hard to change your gambling on your own. Counselling can help you find long-term solutions to your problems.

Are you wondering if you need help? Fill out this questionnaire and find out! Do You Need Help? Quiz

Risks and Rewards of Gambling
Many people have mixed feelings about gambling. You may not want to give up gambling. At the same time, you may see it is causing you harm. Mixed feelings like these can be very confusing. Through counselling, you can assess your situation and consider ways to restore balance.

Gambling rewards and risks
You may have mixed feelings about gambling. Perhaps you recognize yourself in statements on both sides of this list:

I gamble because:

•I love the thrill of playing.
•I know a big payout could solve all my problems.
•Gambling is my only shot at becoming a millionaire.
•I feel important when I win. I love being able to treat my family and friends.
•I have a sure system. It’s just a matter of time before I win again.
•When I am on, I can make money fast and easily.
•Gambling lets me forget my problems and pain for a while.
•Gambling is the one thing in my life that is just for me. When I gamble, I’m in control.
•Gambling gets me out of the house. I feel safe and welcome.
•All my friends gamble.
I’m thinking about getting help because:

•My partner is threatening to leave me if I don’t stop.
•We fight all the time about my gambling.
•I’m tired of sneaking around, lying and hiding my losses.
•My reputation has been hurt.
•Creditors are hassling me. I’m looking at bankruptcy.
•Gambling is all I ever think about. It has taken over my life.
•I’ve stopped caring about things that should be important to me.
•I’ve borrowed money from so many people. I feel ashamed to face them.
•I’m afraid I’ll lose my job because I’m always so distracted.
•My health is suffering.
•I don’t even enjoy gambling most of the time.
•I feel like such a loser. Sometimes I hate myself so much I want to end it all.
Impact on Families
Gambling problems hurt families in many ways:

Money problems: When family members learn that savings, property or belongings have been lost, it can make them feel scared, angry and betrayed.

Emotional problems and isolation: Gambling problems cause strong feelings among family members, which make it harder to solve problems. Many partners of those with gambling problems do not want to be emotionally or physically close with the person who has hurt them. Family members may avoid other people, because they feel ashamed. This makes it hard to get love and support.

Physical and mental health: The stress of gambling problems sometimes causes health problems, for both the person who gambles and the family. This can include anxiety, depression and stress-related problems such as poor sleep, ulcers, bowel problems, headaches and muscle pains.

Burnout: Many families under stress have trouble coping. One member may try to keep things in control by taking on more tasks. This can lead to burnout. Family members often forget to take care of themselves or to have fun.

Impact on children: When a parent or caregiver has a gambling problem, children can feel forgotten, depressed and angry. They may believe they caused the problem and that if they are good, the problem will stop. Children may believe they must take sides between their parents. They may stop trusting a parent who makes promises he or she doesn’t keep. Some children may try to draw attention away from the parent with the gambling problem by misbehaving.

Physical and emotional abuse: Family violence is more common when families are in crisis. Gambling problems can lead to physical or emotional abuse of a partner, elder parent or child. If this is happening in your family, get help right away (see Chapter 5).

Anxiety and Depression
Many people who gamble excessively feel stressed, anxious and depressed. This can make sleeping, thinking and solving problems more difficult.

If you have some of the following symptoms for more than two weeks, making your day-to-day life difficult, you may have chronic depression:

•You have lost interest in usual activities.
•You feel depressed, down in the dumps or irritable.
•Your sleep has changed (e.g., you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep, or you sleep too much).
•Your appetite has changed. You have lost or gained weight.
•You feel helpless, hopeless or despairing.
•It is hard to think and to remember things, and your thoughts seem slower.
•You go over and over guilty feelings. You cant stop thinking about problems.
•You have lost interest in sex.
•You feel physically tired, slow and heavy; or you feel restless and jumpy.
•You feel angry.
•You think about suicide.
If you have any of these difficulties, speak to your family doctor or other health care professional (a gambling counsellor can also make sure you get the help you need). Tell him or her about your gambling problems too. Treatment may include medications and/or counselling and other support.

Suicide Risk
Rates of suicide are higher for people who gamble excessively, and for their family members. The people most likely to attempt suicide are those who also have mental health problems (like depression) or who heavily use alcohol or other drugs. People who have threatened suicide or hurt themselves in the past are also more at risk. If you feel suicidal or are making plans to end your life, get help right away. You don’t have to deal with your problems alone. For more advice, see the box on this page.

What to do if you Feel Suicidal
If you are thinking about ending your life:

•Get to your local emergency department immediately.
•Remove any means for ending your life (e.g., firearms, medications).
•Let your family or a friend know how you are feeling.
•Call the local Distress Centre for support and information.
•Let your doctor know what is going on, including your gambling.
•Do not drink alcohol or take other drugs as it will make matters worse.
•Contact the Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline (1 888 230-3505) and arrange to see a counsellor as soon as possible.
•You can usually be seen within days.
•Talk to someone you trust, such as a friend or spiritual advisor.


Give Peace a Chance – The Beatles – 1969

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Give Peace a Chance – The Beatles – 1969

China’s largest freshwater lake dries up

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China’s largest freshwater lake dries up
Drought and new Three Gorges Dam blamed as fishers forced to seek other work and freight trade comes to a halt

Harold Thibault
Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 31 January 2012 14.04 GMT Article history

For visitors expecting to see China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang is a desolate spectacle. Under normal circumstances it covers 3,500 sq km, but last month only 200 sq km were underwater. A dried-out plain stretches as far as the eye can see, leaving a pagoda perched on top of a hillock that is usually a little island. Wrapped in the mist characteristic of the lower reaches of the Yangtze river, the barges are moored close to the quayside beside a pitiful trickle of water. There is no work for the fisheries.

According to the state news agency Xinhua, the drought – the worst for 60 years – is due to the lack of rainfall in the area round Poyang and its tributaries. Poor weather conditions this year are partly responsible. But putting the blame on them overlooks the role played by the colossal Three Gorges reservoir, 500km upstream. The cause and effect is still not officially recognised, even if the government did admit last May that the planet’s biggest dam had given rise to “problems that need to be solved very urgently”.

“Every year, when the Three Gorges reservoir stores water – to power the dam’s turbines during the winter – the flow rate in the Yangtze drops. This in turn increases the rate at which the level of Poyang lake falls, and the period of low water comes sooner,” said Ye Xuchun, a researcher at China’s Southwest University. In partnership with scientists at the Lake Science and Environment laboratory at Nanking University, he has published a comparative analysis of water levels in the Three Gorges basin and at the lake’s northern extremity, near the city of Hukou, where the outflow from Poyang joins the Yangtze.

The authors conclude that the artificial regulation of the reservoir, which must be kept full to optimise electricity output, reduces the water level in the lower reaches of the Yangtze. This means that the big river no longer “plugs” the lake’s northern outlet, so the other rivers feeding into Poyang simply pass through the dwindling lake and run on downstream. This was the case in 2006, a very dry year that coincided with the period when the Three Gorges reservoir was filling up. “When the depth of the reservoir was increased by 15 metres, to reach 155 metres in October, the lake dropped very low at Hukou,” the scientists said.

The beginning of 2012 has proved even worse. The region’s environmental balance was “seriously affected”, said Dai Nianhua, deputy head of the Lake Poyang Research Centre in Nanchang, the provincial capital. When the water level is too low there are no fish, so there is no food for the migrating birds that usually break their journey at Poyang. The government has decided to drop fish and shellfish into the lake from helicopters.

The economic impact is just as disastrous. “Freighters can only cross the lake empty,” said a worker at the shipyard in Xingzi, whereas usually the lake is a hive of activity in rural Jiangxi province. Some people are now suggesting that a dam should be built where the lake joins the Yangtze, but no one knows what side-effects that might have.

As for the fisheries, they have upturned their boats on the shore or abandoned them on the dried-out bed of Poyang. Guo Jintao, a resident of Yumincun, a village with about 100 fishers, has not been out on the water for over a year. He started fishing when he was 13 and in 50 years he has not seen the lake this dry. He and his wife have switched to casual labouring in the building trade.

“Next year we’ll see. If there’s enough water, we’ll go fishing again, otherwise we’ll carry on with our new work,” Guo said. His wife, Zhang Jingzen, 55, finds stacking bricks hard work. “I prefer fishing. Our family’s been fishing for four generations,” she said.

The family used to earn $1,600 to $3,200 a year, but last year’s earnings only amounted to $800. The local authorities offered them around $600 in compensation. Another fisherman, intrigued by our conversation, butted in to say that he only got $80 from the municipal council, whereas the province had allocated $160 for each member of the fishing community.

“The incomes in fishing villages are dropping as fast as the water in the lake. Some residents will have move on to other trades,” said Xu Bin, the author of a thesis on the socio-economic consequences of the lake’s environmental disorders. He warns: “The soil of China is dry, so the Yangtze is vital. Poyang is one of the key elements and its current predicament is a warning for the future.”

This article originally appeared in Le Monde

PEACE t-shirt

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Michael Jackson History Of Life

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All the world is in great sorrow on the death of this great personality. Here is my another post on Life History Of Michael Jackson to keep him alive in all of us mind. He will be always be alive in all minds whether they know the a,b,c of Pop song or not. Really he was a great personality. My last post on him was Michael Jackson’s Unexpected Death Stuns World
1958-1975: Early life and The Jackson

1958-1975 Michael Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana (an industrial suburb of Chicago, Illinois) to a working-class family on August 29, 1958.[3] The son of Joseph Walter “Joe” and Katherine Esther (née Scruse),[3] he was the seventh of nine children. His siblings are Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Randy and Janet.[3] Joseph Jackson was a steel mill employee who often performed in an R&B band called The Falcons with his brother Luther.[3] Jackson was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by his devout mother.

1976 – 1984: Move to Epic and Off the Wall
The Jackson 5 signed a new contract with CBS Records in June 1975, joining the Philadelphia International Records division, later Epic Records. As a result of legal proceedings, the group was renamed The Jacksons.[15] After the name change, the band continued to tour internationally, releasing six more albums between 1976 and 1984. From 1976 to 1984, Michael Jackson was the lead songwriter of the group, writing hits such as “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”, “This Place Hotel” and “Can You Feel It”.
1976-1984-2Michael Jackson
In 1978, Jackson starred as Scarecrow in the film musical The Wiz. The musical scores were arranged by Quincy Jones, who formed a partnership with Jackson during the film’s production and agreed to produce the singer’s next solo album Off the Wall. In 1979, Jackson broke his nose during a complex dance routine. His subsequent rhinoplasty surgery was not a complete success; he complained of breathing difficulties that would affect his career. He was referred to Dr. Steven Hoefflin, who performed Jackson’s second rhinoplasty and other subsequent operations.
1986-1990 Michael Jackson
1986-1990: Tabloids, appearance, Bad, autobiography and films
In 1986, the tabloid press ran a story claiming that Jackson slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to slow the aging process; he was pictured lying down in a glass box. Although the claim was untrue, Jackson disseminated the fabricated story himself. The singer was promoting his upcoming movie Captain EO and wanted to promote a science fiction image of himself. Jackson had a fourth rhinoplasty and, wanting masculine features, had a cleft put in his chin. Then he starred in the Francis Ford Coppola-directed 3-D film Captain EO. It was the most expensive film produced on a per-minute basis at the time, and was later hosted in Disney theme parks. Disneyland featured the film in its Tomorrowland area for nearly 11 years, while Walt Disney World screened the film in its Epcot theme park from 1986 to 1994.
1991-1993 Michael Jackson
1991-1993: Dangerous and Super Bowl
In March 1991, Jackson renewed his contract with Sony for $65 million; a record breaking deal at the time, displacing Neil Diamond’s renewal contract with Columbia Records. Jackson released his eighth album Dangerous in 1991. As of 2008, Dangerous has shipped 7 million copies in the US and has sold 32 million copies worldwide; it is the most successful New Jack Swing album of all time. In the US, the album’s first single “Black or White” was the album’s biggest hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and remaining there for seven weeks, with similar chart performances worldwide. The album’s second single “Remember the Time” spent eight weeks in the top five in the US, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. In 1993, Jackson performed the song at the Soul Train Awards in a wheelchair, saying he had suffered an injury in rehearsals. In the UK and other parts of Europe, “Heal the World” was the biggest hit from the album; it sold 450,000 copies in the UK and spent five weeks at two in 1992
1993-1994 Michaelj Jackson
1993-1994: Sexual abuse accusations and marriage
Jackson gave a 90-minute interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993, his first television interview since 1979. He grimaced when speaking of his childhood abuse at the hands of his father; he believed he had missed out on much of his childhood years, admitting that he often cried from loneliness. He denied previous tabloid rumors that he bought the bones of the Elephant Man or slept in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The entertainer went on to dispel suggestions that he bleached his skin, admitting for the first time that he had vitiligo. The interview was watched by 90 million Americans, becoming the fourth most-viewed non-sport program in US history. It also started a public debate on the topic of vitiligo, a relatively unknown condition before then. Dangerous re-entered the album chart top 10, more than a year after its original release..

1995-1999 Michael Jackson
1995-1999: HIStory, second marriage and fatherhood
In 1995, Jackson merged his Northern Songs catalog with Sony’s publishing division creating Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Jackson retained half-ownership of the company, earned $95 million upfront as well as the rights to even more songs. He then released the double album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. The first disc, HIStory Begins, was a 15-track greatest hits album, and was later reissued as Greatest Hits – HIStory Vol. I in 2001, the second disc, HIStory Continues, contained 15 new songs. The album debuted at number one on the charts and has been certified for seven million shipments in the US. It is the best-selling multiple-disc album of all-time, with 20 million copies (40 million units) sold worldwide. HIStory received a Grammy nomination for best album

2000-2002 Michael Jackson

2000-2002: Label dispute, Invincible and third child
In 2000, Jackson was listed in the book of Guinness World Records for his support of 39 charities, more than any other entertainer or personality. At the time, Jackson was waiting for the licenses to the masters of his albums to revert back to him; this allowed him to promote his old material how he liked and prevented Sony from getting a cut of the profit. Jackson expected this to occur early in the new millennium, however, due to the fine print and various clauses in the contract, this revert date is still many years away. Jackson began an investigation, and it emerged that the attorney who represented the singer in the deal was also representing Sony, creating a conflict of interest. Jackson was also concerned about another conflict of interest. For a number of years, Sony had been pushing to buy all of Jackson’s share in their music catalog venture. If Jackson’s career or financial situation were to deteriorate, he would have to sell his catalog. Thus, Sony had something to gain from Jackson’s career failing. Jackson was able to use these conflicts as leverage to exit his contract early.Just before the release of Invincible, Jackson informed the head of Sony Music Entertainment.

2003-2007 Michael Jackson

2003-2007: Documentary, trial and business ventures
In 2003, Sony put out a compilation of Jackson’s hits on CD and DVD. In the US, the album peaked at number 13 and was certified platinum by the RIAA; in the UK it was certified for shipments of at least 1.2 million units.In a Granada Television documentary titled Living with Michael Jackson, the singer was seen holding hands and discussing sleeping arrangements with Gavin Arvizo, who would later accuse him of child sexual abuse.In the same documentary Jackson was observed spending large amounts of money in an apparently frivolous manner, when he spent $6 million in a single store. Shortly after the documentary aired, Jackson was charged with seven counts of child sexual abuse and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent in order to commit that felony; all charges regarded the same boy, Gavin Arvizo, who was under 14 at the time of the alleged crime.

2009 Michael Jackson
2009: Death
On the morning of June 25, 2009, Jackson reportedly collapsed at a rented home in Holmby Hills in Los Angeles. After he collapsed, Jackson’s personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate him. Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a 911 call at 12:21 pm and arrived nine minutes later. Jackson was reportedly not breathing and CPR was quickly performed. Resuscitation efforts continued both en route to the UCLA Medical Center, and after arrival at approximately 1:14 pm (20:14 UTC), for a further hour. He fell into a coma and died shortly after arrival. The cause of death is as yet unknown, but he was noted to be already in cardiac arrest by the paramedics who attended him. Jackson was pronounced dead at about 2:26 pm local time.

Europe’s cold spell hits Turkey’s quake survivors

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Europe’s cold spell hits Turkey’s quake survivors

By Selcan Hacaoglu
Associated Press / February 10, 2012

ANKARA, Turkey—Freezing temperatures and heavy snow in Turkey are making life miserable for the more than 140,000 residents who were left homeless by the nation’s devastating earthquake four months ago and who are still living in tents or temporary shelters.

The cold snap, which began in Europe in late January, has left some families in Turkey’s quake relief centers trying to stay warm by using coal stoves or electric heaters, and watching their drinking water freeze overnight. Nearly a foot of snow (30 centimeters) has fallen in the quake zone, and temperatures have dipped as low as -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius).

Elsewhere in Europe the situation has been much worse, with hundreds of people — most them homeless — dying in the cold, and many cities and towns being trapped by much deeper snow.

In Romania, officials on Friday reported 13 more deaths and rounded up about 220 homeless to shelter them from the deep freeze at night. Huge chunks of ice were blocking navigation on the Danube River in Romania, one of Europe’s key waterways.

In October, a magnitude-7.2 earthquake and a powerful aftershock flattened some 2,000 buildings and killed 644 people around the city of Van, a provincial capital in southeastern Turkey. The government responded by moving 134,000 people to temporary homes and 7,500 others to tents.

At one of the camps on Friday, Gonul Meral, 33, who is living in a tent with her two children and her unemployed husband, said: “I am doing the dishes now, but the water in the basin is frozen so I have to heat it up again. It’s so hard.”

The house that she and her family were renting before the disaster was destroyed by the quake.

“I miss cooking there very much,” she said in a telephone interview. “Sometimes, I feel that I can’t stand it another day,” Meral said, sobbing.

Ragtag encampments also have sprung up in empty patches of ground in the quake zone, in the courtyards of houses, and even on the median strips of highways. These people say they prefer to stay close to their property to guard it, even if their life is tougher than it would be in the relief centers.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said one reason the quakes killed so many people was the shoddy construction work on the homes that collapsed, comparing the negligence of builders to murder.

Some of the survivors in tents are now placing plastic sheeting over their shelters to try to stay as warm as possible.

“We can’t keep the stove burning late at night, fearing smoke inhalation when we fall asleep,” said Meral’s husband, Gurkan.

Tekin Numanoglu, 39, another tent dweller in a family of four, said it has been especially difficult for his wife, who broke a leg during the quake. Like everyone else, she has to walk 100 yards (meters) through the snow to reach the nearest toilets.


AP writer Alison Mutler contributed from Romania.

Frozen Winter of 2012 ?

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In 2012 sudden cold caught many by surprise. Eastern Europe – In Ukraine, more than 100 dead, while in Serbia, more than 11,000 were cut off from the world, trapped in a snow villages. Most of the dead – Many organizations stood up to protect the homeless and services in Russia and Poland. In Romania, the real chaos on the roads, and in Italy the lowest temperature was recorded for the last 27 years.

What are things that most women would probably agree on would consider a man good in bed?

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What are things that most women would probably agree on would consider a man good in bed? What makes you walk away saying that was good?

Very Funny faces

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What is the difference between men and pigs?

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What is the difference between men and pigs?
Pigs don’t turn into men when they drink.