The Performance Amulet Scam Is A Myth

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The Performance Amulet Scam Is A Myth
by jason

The Performance Amulet contains vocal frequencies that improve athletic performance. These frequencies increase energy output and result in a marginal improvement in the performance of a body.

Living in the modern society of today, we cannot escape exposure to the Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF). Survey has found that our daily exposure to EMF is very much higher than what it was some years back. This type of exposure to EMF will surely affect our ability to function. Scientists say that these fields EMF’s have a negative impact on our natural energy levels. Researchers have studied and found out that long term exposure can cause cancer, heart disease, brain tumors and other diseases also.

See How The Performance Amulet Helped Others.
We have to learn how to save ourselves from the affects of these fields because we cannot stop the growth of technology.
There are a number of players who have been satisfied with The Performance Amulet. Some of the reviews provided by these players are:
A player met the dealer at the Natural Cures Seminar and bought four Amulets for himself and his family. He went home and put one Amulet on his dog and surprisingly, the changes they saw in the dog were amazing. The dog was 1 years old and the dog slept well at night and the next day, he was full of energy. The family was very happy and they have ordered one more Performance Amulet from Alternative Two Inc and they hope to meet the natural cures Seminar people in September again in Orlando.

Another player has been using The Performance Amulet for about two months now, and his life has changed completely. He feels that his energy levels at the gym have increased and his stress levels at work have reduced considerably. He says everybody needs to try and wear The Performance Amulet.
A person living in California says that he has been wearing The Performance Amulet since very long and it has helped him a lot and made him feel like a totally different person. He would never want to take it off.

A personal trainer gives his views and suggests that he would recommend all his students to wear The Performance Amulet. It has helped him in training and it is an awesome product to be used by all.

More People Who Personally Use The Performance Amulet
A person who was suffering from hypersensitivity had tried everything and nothing helped. Then he tried the amulet and it has helped him, he says that his life has been saved because of The Performance Amulet.

This product gave amazing results to a player and made him feel strong. This player tells all his friends that he was never so sure of this product but now after using it, he has seen the changes it has given him in his body and he recommends the same product to all.

A person was afraid to fly because he got motion sickness, a friend of his suggested the amulet and on wearing the Amulet, he did not get sick on the plane.

A player on knowing about the effect of radiation on our body was under a state of shock, when guided about the benefit of The Performance Amulet, purchased it online and now has found changes in himself and the confidence level while working has improved.

Is The Performance Amulet a Scam?
With the advent of technology and various devices around us, the normal human is surrounded by a lot of Electromagnetic radiation, which de-harmonizes the body and also makes it more susceptible to diseases like cancer, brain tumor and various heart diseases. While it is not entirely possible to stay in a place where such electromagnetic radiation is not present, there are some methods or devices, which can help reduce the impact of these EMF and keep the body more fit and healthy.
One of these devices is the Performance Amulet. The Performance Amulet is actually a pendant, which has harmonic frequencies embedded in it.

The Performance Amulet has been designed with a technology that counterbalances the effects of the EMF and also keep the body cells resonating with the frequency that is best suited to them. This stabilization of the body cells may result in the better functioning of our body and we may be able to live healthier and be able to concentrate on things more precisely. The Performance Amulet will be able to improve the way we live it is said to be based on science and not psychosomatics but the frequencies can only work with a change in the mind of the person who is wearing it.

Is The Performance Amulet Magical?
What needs to be understood is that The Performance Amulet is not a magical device, which change the physiology and strength of a person overnight. Moreover, while the results may vary from person to person, the pendants will in no way increase the physical capacity of the person in a short term. The muscle testing techniques provided to check whether the product is working or not are not too effective to prove that the energy levels increased suddenly, but over a period of time, with regular usage and improving of physical and mental being, the person will be able to increase his potential and also immunity to other diseases.

The other important aspect that the vibes and energies produced by the The Performance Amulet work on is to protect a person from electromagnetic radiation and allow him to focus more without being disturbed by outside influences. You feel stronger, sharper and more focused once you wear The Performance Amulet and hence it can improve the productivity of the person with extended usage of the product thus making it useful.

Moreover, the positive radiations of The Performance Amulet also ensure that the blood is richer in oxygen and the body immunity is much higher, thus ensuring that the wearer remains hale and hearty.

The Truth about The Performance Amulet
All in all, while The Performance Amulet Pendants are slightly expensive and work on different aspects of immunity, they cannot be considered to be scams. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that these are scientific devices, which provide some benefits to the wearer and these are not miracle devices, which can change the impact of a health issue or strength all of a sudden.

The benefits of wearing the performance amulet are:
It immediately enhances coordination and balance.
It helps safeguard against the effects of poisonous and harmful toxins and also against the rays of electromagnetic pollution.
It increases awareness, increases the ability to concentrate and also removes stress and relaxes the mind.
It instantaneously increases strength, endurance and flexibility in the body.
Researchers tried by conducting a study using a group of players. The results were very positive. This shows that wearing a Performance Amulet does benefit a player. Athletes in the weightlifting group showed an improvement in their category compared to the other athletes who did not wear the Amulet. The time recorded by athletes in running also improved by more than 15 %, so it showed the benefits of the Performance Amulet.

The benefits of the Amulet were seen in all the participants and it gave an increase in the flexibility, strength and endurance.

All the players who wore the performance amulet showed the benefits they got by wearing the Amulet:
It reduced pains and aches in the body.
It increased strength and energy in the body.
The quality of the work got better by wearing the Amulet.
They were able to stay awake for longer times and train the other players faster.
This helped in reducing the Recovery time.
This also helped in reducing mental stress and felt happier.
They enjoyed doing competitions.
They also felt more focused.
The Amulet made them feel mentally more concentrated on the work and helped them to do things faster.


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