The Ugly Truth

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The Ugly Truth

It was funny to say with every word of man comes with a ugly meaning. When they meet a women with crush. Women are always looking for the love and the guys are looking at the boobs. It was the truth with many hidden romances and the unfortunate sex stories of many man and women. Hire the movie The Ugly Truth (2009) bravely discovers the humor at the man and women sex relationship and also the single women’s crisis on some real bad habited guy. With a kind of attraction for all new relationship with the core work of TV production movie discovers what man really thinking of women and so to the female it self.

Abby Richter is been the female morning show producer and what she been undone by the Mr. Perfect only have left the show from the beginning and she was looking for a new rising guy. There for many looks for the perfect person to lead the show. In the mean time the arrival of hardcore TV personality of Mike Chadway comes as one option. He was too near to spill any thing from is mouth and always going for the kill. With having many chances given Abby have no other way to change this guy. With no romance in the head or in the voice howhe could play the role she wants.

How ever the time ticks over. Slowly this guy been so closer to the Abby with many of the ugly truths of his life all the sudden she was fell in love with this guy and the nature of women comes out from no where. The Ugly Truth (2009) is a movie for sexual attractions of men and women. Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter, John Michael Higgins and Nick Searcy staring in the movie Robert Luketic directed the movie The Ugly Truth (2009). It was a comedy movie produced by Andre Lamal, Eric Reid (II), Katherine Heigl. When women drams with heart guy looks for the ugly truth of life.


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