Do you really know the value of the law of cause and effect?

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Do you really know the value of the law of cause and effect?


A few persons think that if the law of cause and effect be correct and just, why do some persons, even when they are generous for the whole of their lives, suffer so much? Others who are very cruel live in abudance and happiness all their life. Why so? The answer is succinctly given above. The time that a cause takes to become effect is sometimes short, but sometimes very long. Cause and effect do not always occur at the same time. There are some causes which bring effect immediately, but other causes may produce effects only in another life or in another form of existence.

In case people in this life perform so many wicked actions, but enjoy peace and prosperity, this is due to the good actions performed in previous lives. But the misdeeds they do in this life are too much and are sure to produce bad effects in the future or in the next life. For instance, some persons who indulge too much in worldly pleasures may have enough money to spend owing to previous effect and diligence. But when their stock of merit is exhausted, they will again become poor people.

Others who are very honest and do many good deeds may meet with accidents or may have to face many troubles. That will be due to their actions in their past lives. They must have committed bad actions. But the good actions and honestly in this life will bring good effect in next lives. For example, some persons may not gain anything this year even if they do hard work. That is due to the cause of spending too much in the last few years. But if this year they work very hard, they will definitely get only good results next time. That is why Confucius said:

«Good or evil actions in previous lives all have consequences,The only difference is that they have to be born sooner or later. »



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