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Director Paul Verhoeven’s erotic show-biz, sexploitation drama (teamed up again with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas) was the first attempt of Hollywood to mass market a studio film with an NC-17 rating (since the failure of Caligula (1979)), although it was a tremendous flop; in subsequent years, it has regained some of its status as a deliberately campy, misogynistic guilty-pleasure adult film; it was controversially loaded with very frequent nudity, sexuality, notorious dialogue (Cristal: “I like nice tits. I always have. How about you?” Nomi: “I like having nice tits.” Cristal: “How do you like havin’ ’em?” Nomi: “What do you mean?” Cristal: “You know what I mean”), and campy sleaze in a drama about the sex industry that took an uncensored look at cheap Las Vegas strip clubs and shows (with pole-dancing at the Cheetah) and higher-class hotel shows and their headliner dancers; although it flopped at the box-office, the notorious film found an audience among cult film-goers, although it reportedly destroyed the career of star Elizabeth Berkley, earlier noted for her role in the late 80s TV show Saved By the Bell; there were many memorable scenes in this infamous film, including the overacted, over-the-top swimming pool scene with champagne and thrashing orgasmic activity between leggy pole dancer Nomi Malone (Berkley) and hotel entertainment director and impresario Zack Carey (Kyle Maclachlan) – the scene was voted the #1 ‘unsexiest’ or worst sex scene in cinema history by Empire Magazine in 2005; there were many other unclad scenes, including the voyeuristic lap-dance sequence, the topless ‘Chorus Line-like’ dance audition and “Thrust It” coaching administered by a dancing choreographer, numerous dressing room scenes, the love-hate/lesbian sex and kiss encounter between Nomi and Stardust Hotel revue showgirl star Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon), the stage performance of the “Goddess” topless dance show, and more


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