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How can I make my boyfriend/husband less selfish in bed?

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How can I make boyfriend/husband less selfish in bed?


Guess who this is?

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Guess who this is?

Does Your Look Turn Him On?

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Does Your Look Turn Him On?Certain beauty moves are guaranteed to make any man with a pulse stop and stare. Others your girlfriends will appreciate way more. Here, guys break down the difference in their own words.

Are novelty condoms less effective than regular ones?

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Are novelty condoms less effective than regular ones?
Answer: Not necessarily — as long as a condom’s label indicates that it can be used for disease prevention, then by law it has passed FDA-mandated tests. But some condoms you’ll find in sex shops don’t carry the disease prevention claim and may even be labeled “for novelty use only,” meaning they may not meet FDA standards. Also, many gag love gloves are made out of materials other than latex, such as polyurethane, “but latex condoms are the most effective against STDs, including HIV,” says Rebecca Wind, a spokesperson for the Alan Guttmacher Institute. The bottom line: Read the directions prior to doing the deed.

Who says football is just for men?

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Who says football is just for men?


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Director Paul Verhoeven’s erotic show-biz, sexploitation drama (teamed up again with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas) was the first attempt of Hollywood to mass market a studio film with an NC-17 rating (since the failure of Caligula (1979)), although it was a tremendous flop; in subsequent years, it has regained some of its status as a deliberately campy, misogynistic guilty-pleasure adult film; it was controversially loaded with very frequent nudity, sexuality, notorious dialogue (Cristal: “I like nice tits. I always have. How about you?” Nomi: “I like having nice tits.” Cristal: “How do you like havin’ ’em?” Nomi: “What do you mean?” Cristal: “You know what I mean”), and campy sleaze in a drama about the sex industry that took an uncensored look at cheap Las Vegas strip clubs and shows (with pole-dancing at the Cheetah) and higher-class hotel shows and their headliner dancers; although it flopped at the box-office, the notorious film found an audience among cult film-goers, although it reportedly destroyed the career of star Elizabeth Berkley, earlier noted for her role in the late 80s TV show Saved By the Bell; there were many memorable scenes in this infamous film, including the overacted, over-the-top swimming pool scene with champagne and thrashing orgasmic activity between leggy pole dancer Nomi Malone (Berkley) and hotel entertainment director and impresario Zack Carey (Kyle Maclachlan) – the scene was voted the #1 ‘unsexiest’ or worst sex scene in cinema history by Empire Magazine in 2005; there were many other unclad scenes, including the voyeuristic lap-dance sequence, the topless ‘Chorus Line-like’ dance audition and “Thrust It” coaching administered by a dancing choreographer, numerous dressing room scenes, the love-hate/lesbian sex and kiss encounter between Nomi and Stardust Hotel revue showgirl star Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon), the stage performance of the “Goddess” topless dance show, and more

This is my last blowjob

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A woman’s husband died and she had him cremated.
She then blew his ashes into the ocean and said,
” Sweetheart, this is my last blowjob for you.”