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“Bro, faster please, I lost my pants!”

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“Bro, faster please, I lost my pants!”


Landing at Madeira Airport

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Landing at Madeira Airport

Which is healthier salad before a meal American way or after a meal European way?

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Which is healthier salad before a meal American way or after a meal European way?

What sexual position do you have to be in to make the most ugliest kid?

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What sexual position do you have to be in to make the most ugliest kid?…. ask your parents

Are you trying too hard to be hot?

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Are you trying too hard to be hot?

Can eating a poppy seed bagel cause you to fail a drug test?

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Can eating a poppy seed bagel cause you to fail a drug test?
The consumption of poppy seeds used on bagels and muffins can produce positive results on drug screening tests.

Drug testing has become more and more prevalent in our society, and while urine or blood analysis is one of the best ways to do that, the tests themselves are not always infallible and can sometimes produce skewed results. Indeed, something as innocuous as the poppy seeds on a bagel or muffin or in a slice of cake can make the drug-free look like heroin users.

Opiates (morphine and codeine) can be detected in urine for at least 48 hours after one eats food containing poppy seeds. As little as a single bagel covered with poppy seeds could produce a false positive test for these drugs.

In 1990, a veteran St. Louis police officer was suspended for four months because his drug test showed positive for morphine after he’d eaten four poppy seed bagels the day before the urine sample was taken. He was reinstated with back pay after it was determined that poppy seeds and not drug use had produced those results. His case was especially puzzling to the department because the officer in question had a steady work record and demonstrated no indications of any problems before this incident was flagged during a random drug screen. The department performed an experiment by having another officer eat four poppy seed bagels and take a drug test. He, too, tested positive for morphine, confirming the poppy seed effect theory.

In 1999, a New Jersey prison guard was fired for the same reason: a poppy seed bagel he’d had produced a positive drug test. His case was subjected to further examination, and he was reinstated seven months later.

In 1997, a woman in Florida was awarded $859,000 in her lawsuit against Bankers Insurance Group because it had withdrawn a lucrative job offer to her on the basis of her poppy seed-influenced drug screen results.

In 1994, a Baltimore woman lost her chance for a job with an inner-city community health center because of her failed drug test, which was once again the result of the nefarious poppy seeds. In this case, the woman’s fondness for lean corned beef and provolone on a poppy seed bagel cost her the job she wanted, because this prospective employer would not allow her a second urinalysis nor believe that her morning nosh had caused those suspicious test results.

Because of the possibility of poppy seeds’ skewing drug test results, federal prison rules prohibit inmates from eating this ingestible. Moreover, inmates on furlough are enjoined from eating baked goods that incorporate poppy seeds because of the effect it has on their drug tests. (Without the poppy seed prohibition, anyone using opium derivatives recreationally could attribute his positive drug test results to a fondness for these seeds. The prohibition removes that possibility.)

The Federal Bureau of Prison’s Form BP-S291(52) contains, as one of the conditions a furloughed inmate must agree to:
It has been determined that consumption of poppy seeds may cause a positive drug test which may result in disciplinary action. As a condition of my participation in community programs, I will not consume any poppy seeds or items containing poppy seeds.
As to how seriously the “no poppy seeds” injunction is taken, inmates in halfway houses have been returned to prison because they violated it and consequently failed their urine tests.

Because the drug screen for the presence of opiates is so sensitive, some agencies that rely on it have since raised the cut-off level for a positive to 2000 ng/mL, which eliminates many of the poppy seed false positives.

Barbara “beware of the bagel” Mikkelson

Last updated: 31 December 2005


Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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One famous “fact” in the book is related to the painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is one of the most famous paintings in the world. If you ask many people who are knowledgeable about Christianity and/or artwork to describe who the painting portrays, you will probably receive the response: “Jesus and his twelve disciples.”
There are indeed 13 individuals shown — and what some people interpret as a disembodied hand. But look at the center of the painting closely, focusing on the person to Jesus’ right: It appears to be a woman!
4 Note the female face, the long hair, no beard, the delicate fingers, etc. Brown suggests that one of the twelve disciples had to be deleted from the painting. The place of honor is apparently taken by Mary Magdalene !
This theory was first suggested by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, in their 1997 pseudohistorical book “The Templar Revelation.” 5 However, as pointed out in Wikipedia: The figure is shown as wearing male clothing.
“Other paintings from that period (Castagno抯 1447 and Ghirlandaio抯 1480) also show John to be a very boyish or feminine looking figure with long fair hair. This was because John was supposed to have been the youngest and most unquestioningly devoted of the apostles.
Hence he is often shown asleep against Jesus’ shoulder. It was common in the period to show neophytes as very young or even feminine figures, as a way of showing their inferior position.”

“Leonardo also portrayed a male saint with similar effeminate features in his painting St. John the Baptist.”

Harry Potter Saga

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2010 age of Evil – Will the world end in the near future?

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The age of Aquarius is just a fable made up by the Elite. It’s the age of EVIL. They are preparing humanity for a world communist government.
Will the world end in the near future?

The Age of Aquarius, Fractal Nature of Time & Mayan Knowledge of Heliocentricity

Tibet: end the blackout

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Dear friends,

As we mark 50 years since the Dalai Lama escaped to India, a dark curtain is being pulled across Tibet — foreign media detained and expelled, armed troops patrolling the streets, citizens imprisoned for political purposes. And yet many of these violations will not reach the outside world because communications have been cut off.

Without our immediate support, those who are cutting vital holes in the censorship curtain won’t be able to alert the global media or other Tibetans to disappearances and the denial of human rights. Open communication is the best insurance to prevent future infringements from taking place.

Donate today, and help ensure that the flow of information so critical to the Tibetan people isn’t shut off completely:

A modest donation can have a major impact:

For $90 we can fund transmission of an entire hour of the Voices of Tibet radio network, which provides unbiased news across the Tibetan plateau
$25 each from just 100 of us will support a new technology program that allows Tibetans to avoid censorship and safely communicate their plight with the world and each other
For $100 from 100 of us, we can help upgrade a radio transmitter just over the border in India, so that it can broadcast deeper into Tibet and China for one month.
Only freedom of information and dialogue among Tibetans and Chinese can help bring a lasting and peaceful solution to the Tibet problem. Click below now to make a contribution:

The situation is dire, and some reports suggest it’s getting worse. The Chinese government has even cut phone networks to hinder grassroots organizing efforts by Tibetans and blocked their contact to the outside world – including to Chinese progressives. If we don’t help Tibetans access new technologies that can breach the communications blockade, their plight could be silenced behind an impenetrable firewall.

Radio stations, bloggers, censorship avoidance technologies are like fog-lights out of the dark – and vital to the survival of the Tibetan people. Here is what the Dalai Lama says about Voice of Tibet radio – which your support today can help keep on the air:

“This is the only radio service in [the] Tibetan language with a Tibetan editorial board in charge allowing us [Tibetans] to comment on events of Tibetan interest from our perspective…. I would appreciate […] if sympathetic organizations and individuals could help Voice of Tibet continue functioning…”

Donate today and help keep critical programs like this one alive – they’ve never been more urgently needed:

Freedom of information is vital to the survival of Tibetan culture and a key ingredient in securing Tibetan autonomy. It is also a key way to reach out to progressive Chinese in China, many of whom are looking for alternative perspectives and information. As a global community, we can help ensure access to vital information for Tibetans, Chinese and those of us who are beyond the veil.

With hope,

Brett, Ricken, Alice, Paul, Graziela, Ben, Paula, Luis, Pascal, Veronique, Iain, Milena and the rest of the Avaaz team

P.S. Consider donating to support organizations like Voice of Tibet at this crucial time. They need our support now more than ever. Even a modest donation will go a long way: